Tango Workshops and Lessons

If you need to know your ochos from your boleos, your Orillero from your Canyengue or you just want to be able to dance tango socially, these lessons will get you on the floor and dancing.

The absolute beginner will gain a strong foundation in the physical vocabulary and somatic syntax of tango.

The kinetic units that are fundamental to the embodied architecture of tango are analysed, so that you will understand the technique more fully and be able to create your own spontaneous choreography in dialogue with your partner.

Tango lesson

Music ranges from the traditional tango orchestras of Canaro, Pugliese and D'Arienzo through to neo-tango and electro fusion: Carlos Libedinsky, Otros Aires, Gotan Project, as well as artists from the older European tradition, Pjotr Leschenko, Lili Boniche, Jean Moscopol and a bit of Iggy Pop.

Workshops and intensives are held throughout the year in Tango, Milonga and Vals.

Private lessons are priced at £50 for 45 minutes and are booked in advance.

For social dancers who don't have a foundation in any other style of partnership dancing this one is probably the most accessible books  'Gotta Tango' by Alberto Paz and Valerie Hart

When it comes to dance education, there is no substitute for floor-time and the in-put of a professional practitioner.

Tacit knowledge requires action: you have to dance the dance to know the dance, only then can it really be yours.